Commercial Design for Interiors and Exteriors

We love to create interior designs for retail premises or restaurants and shop fronts. We prefer natural materials and contemporary commercial architecture styles, although we can also design to sympathise and blend with traditional architectural styles. We aim to create a story with each client, so come to one of London’s top interior design companies to create a beautiful space and address functional issues in your commercial premises. We can strategise your practical needs to advance your business and save you money by specifying your materials. We can quickly add value to your business with our treatment of aesthetics and textures in your new retail or hospitality unit.

Your allocated designer will create floor plans, elevations and sections for your planning application. They can rearrange the layout to suit your business functionality. At Commercial Architecture, our interior & architectural designers, planning consultants and graphics team work in tandem. We have worked on various good examples of interior and exterior design, which you can see on our projects / news page.

From Concept to Refit

Our USP is that we have planning consultants working with our commercial building architects. We also have technical expertise and can support you at each step. We can go the whole way from obtaining the change of use planning permission to interior design and branding.

We can turn round design schemes quickly to minimise disruption to your business. Once you are happy with the layout, we can move on to the technical drawings. After assessing the site, we can also give projected build indications to enable a forecasting schedule to get your business back in operation as soon as possible.

Depending on the services requested and the project scope, we can charge hourly, daily or per item, as appropriate.  For instance, a change of use quote can be between £1500 upwards, but if the use that we are applying for seems contentious due to several similar businesses already on that street, we may need more reports to justify another business use of the same class. In such a case, we would charge per item to commission any external reports. If interior design is requested, the quote will be per room or space.

It is worth engaging a top London architect to give you a beautiful space for your business. We offer good value because you will achieve an outstanding design with us which will attract clients to your business. Our Tender Packs and Contract Administration service can save you up to 10% of your fit-out cost at the construction stage, so these are worth considering. This is because we can pass on outstanding discounts from our suppliers. We only use about 5-10% of the builders, fitters or suppliers who apply to work with us because we are very picky on behalf of our clients.

Interior or Architectural Designer

What to expect from an interior designer Top interior design companies create beautiful spaces to solve issues regarding flow of movement and functionality according to the spatial habits of the users. They strategise your needs in order to advance the project, and you avoid expensive purchasing errors when one of the best interior design firms specifies the materials you like. They quickly add value to your business with their specialist focus and expertees in interior aesthetics and textures.

What to expect from an architectural designer Your architectural designer makes your floorplans, elevations and sections for submission to the council. They will have the most expertise and vision in rearranging the space to meet your business needs.

They can also help beyond planning by creating detailed drawings for Building Control. At Commercial Architecture, our interior designers work closely with the architectural design team.

  • 1. Brief

    Initial concepts. Choosing your designer. Consultation & visit.

  • 2. Develop

    Producing render drafts. Deciding on options. Making adjustments.

  • 3. Test

    Presentations. Finalise list of finishes. Planning submissions.

  • 4. Output

    Intsall shop front from approved design. Interior fitting. Branding.

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