D2 Use Class covers Assembly & leisure classes, including:

  • cinemas
  • concert & dance halls
  • bingo halls
  • public swimming pools
  • ice rinks
  • gyms or sports courts

Note that D2 Use Class does not include facilities for motor-sports or fire-arms.


This client was a teacher of South American dance, and wanted to convert a vacant railway arch for their multi-concept of nightclub, cafe, & dance studio. We did 3D renders for their proposal. Later, they received a notice from the railway company regarding limits to the useable space.

This meant they would not be able to allow any of the fixtures to come within 50cm from the arches. Prior to submission of their change of use planning application, the client decided to look for a less restrictive premises in order to use all the space.

Location: Vauxhall

Date: 2016 – 2017

Project type: Change of use from unused property to D2 – night club, café, dance studio

The planning use classes involved would have been Mixed Use: D2 and A3 for the café. As well as Planning Use Class D2, you can see a comprehensive list of the use classes order for other Planning use classes, see the link on the planning portal. In the event of ambiguity, it may be an idea to check and confirm your use class with your local planning authority (LPA), as their advice will take precedence over the Planning Portal.

Our Immersive Design service strengthens your planning application once it is on the planning officer’s desk. Have a look at our news article about 3D renders. Whether your application is for a new shop front for continued use in the same class, or for a change of use, we can help. For other commercial projects, have a look at our news or projects pages. For other commercial projects, have a look at our news or projects pages.

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